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Fall 2018 EBSC Recreational League Schedules

Our Parents Make the Club a Success

There are few people who would argue that anyone involved in the East Brunswick Soccer Club doesn’t devote an enormous amount of time, effort, and energy into making our club a success. But coaches, assistants, and those who serve on the Board are not the only people responsible for keeping our club running smoothly. Many parents may think that if they don’t coach, then they can’t contribute. Here are a few ways you can give back to EBSC and remain one of our most valuable resources:
- Communicate!
Keep your coach informed if your child is going to miss a practice or game. Planning a practice is based on a full team in attendance, so let them know if you can’t make it. Playing games is the highlight of most kid’s soccer experience, so show your support to the team and make games a priority! An important lesson in team sports is the commitment each individual makes to the total team and respect for your teammates and coaches
- Check Your E-mail and the Website!
E-mail is often the most efficient and time saving way for your coach to get information out to the team or be contacted. And there’s no better way to stay informed than to check the ebsoccer.com website often. Both the general website and the individual team websites offer the most up-to-date info on soccer happenings.
- Be on Time and Ready to Play!
Showing up to games and practices on time tells the coaches, referees, and other players that you value their time. It also helps things start on time and keep schedules on track. Be ready to play by bringing the proper equipment and a great attitude!
- Get to know your fellow parents!
Watching your child’s games are even more fun when you can also root for their teammates and friends they’ve made on the team. Getting to know your fellow parents can help with both car pooling to practices and games. Lifelong friends have been made just by being on the soccer field together.
- Have Fun!
The point of recreational soccer is to have fun – making friends, getting exercise, learning skills, and learning good sportsmanship. You can help foster this by showing your child that you value the East Brunswick Soccer Club.
As always, we thank you for your support of the club, and you make a difference!

EBSC Recreational League

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The Recreational League offers an introduction to the sport at a very young age through our Superstars Program, with an emphasis on teaching the sport through activities geared to the psychological...

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Team Webpages

Head Coaches:  Links to all team pages, once the season starts and teams get up and running, will be found under the respective Girls Rec or Boys Rec links to the left.   Coaches can contact their respective VP for instructions on how to set up their team’s page.

Parents:  These pages are maintained by your coaches in their spare time, as volunteers, and are not mandatory.  Not every coach will have the time to maintain such a page, so please do not feel as if you are being left out if your team does not get its own webpage.   A parent volunteer can be appointed by the head coach to maintain their team’s page.


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