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No Game This Week

(October 10, 2010)

Madison and Sarah breaking up the middleIt was a very tight game against Uruguay yesterday, and Norway played a fantastic stretch at the end of the first half, scoring three goals.   Although we had our chances to win it, we were unlucky to give up the late goal for the 5-4 loss.   But I would rather lose by one goal in a close game that challenges the girls, than win by six goals in an easy game that provides no benefit to their development.Abby and Kayla building out of the back

Practice as usual on Thursday evening, at 6:15 pm, on Turf B - same corner.

We have no game this coming Saturday, Oct. 16, however.   Due to nearly half of our division’s players, and two thirds of our coaches, competing in the Manalapan Rec tournament, the Club has rescheduled all games in our division.   Please see the updated game schedule on this page.




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